Our research fields are Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis. In particular our work deals with:

  • The study of catalytic reaction mechanisms and  the elementary steps in  catalytic cycles.
  • The study of new organometallic reactions and the development of new catalytic processes.
  • The development of new methodology useful in fine chemistry and catalysis, mainly the use of polymers as supports for reagents or catalysts.


This research work is possible since we have the tools and skills required. We have a wide experience in synthetic organometallic chemistry  and the handling of air sensitive compounds, as well as the preparation of organic reagents and ligands. We also have experience in the synthesis and characterization of polymers.

Our work requires the use of a wide variety of structural determination techniques (NMR, IR, UV-V,  X-Ray difraction).

We carry out kinetic studies using the techniques mentioned above as well as calorimetry.

We also use chromatographic equipment for product separation (GC-MS, HPLC) and the characterization of polymers (GPC).